Excellent Residential Plumbing Services ‘Round The Clock

Ideally, your home plumbing system simply works, with no issues, for years at a time. Of course, in reality, emergencies happen. You might need a burst pipe repair at 2:37 AM. That’s just how it goes. When that happens, League Plumbing & Heating is here to help. Our plumbers have tons of experience and professional efficiency, so whether you need a water heater repair so you can shower tomorrow morning or heating services to prepare for a coming cold front, we’ve got you covered. Help is just a call away.

Our Services

Sometimes you need more than just a plunger for a clogged toilet repair—you need a professional. That’s us. Most people don’t know the first thing about how to do a gas boiler repair, but we’ve done it at least one hundred times. Same goes for HVAC repair, drain unblocking, and all kinds of sewer services. Whatever it is you need, we’ve got you covered.

Business Hours

We’re open in the morning, afternoon, evening, night, dawn—we’re always open, all year.

Service Area

While our crew is based in Chicago, we serve the entire Cook County area.